Monday, April 4, 2011

New development in Cityville

One of the most favorite games at Facebook is Cityville.
I guess it's played by so many people because it's highly interactive.
Each day people give gifts to others and receive them. Players can visit each other and earn points at the same time as delivering points to others, and to keep the game going one needs to visit the sites of others.

One of the older features is opening shops in the cities of others and opening shops of others in your own city. They're called franchises.

I'm playing the game for quite a while now and one of the sad things was that only 10 franchises could be opened in one's city.
Not knowing how the game develops people are giving away the places for franchise in the earliest stages of the game, and by that they miss the opportunities of more expensive shops later.

Recently however the amount of ten has been changes and now one can open 20 franchises in a city.
I'm very happy with that.

Now we only need a franchisegator to know where to go.


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