Friday, April 1, 2011

Mounts and discount

One of my sons lives at a house with 6 others.
Because it's a kind of supported living (they're coached for a few hours a week) they're not allowed to make any changes to the house, nor their rooms, without permission of the very large organisation that owns the house.

The lock of the door of the toilet broke and it took weeks before it was repaired.

Sometimes I can interfere with success because their administration and workplanner have money-signs in their eyes. All they can think about is how much money some things cost.

Like the time when a house-meeting resulted in complaints about not having enough floorspace.
My son suggested to put the TV's, radio's and speakers on mounts, and the idea was welcomed with applause.

The organisation however was completely against it, because of the costs.
So I asked around, researched a bit and found out that with a large number of orders a nice discount could be given by Peerless.
So we talked with people of the other houses of the organisation and they were happy with the idea too, so we proposed to buy and install peerless mounts to the organisation. Ofcourse we presented a pile with requests, and ofcourse people started to call right after we left the meeting.

It worked.
The investment was made and it sure has paid off.


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