Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Incoming games

Ordering online can be a stressful experience, especially when you're autistic.

My autistic son ordered two computergames online. One from a shop and one from someone he knows from an online game.

Since then he was almost glued to the doormat. :)

The game from the person arrived in two days.
He was so happy!

But within moments it changed.
The box was OK, but there was a different game in it than there should be.
He ran to his computer to mail the guy about his mistake. He was online and immediately offered to send the right game the same day.
Then the whole waitinggame started again.

In the meantime he got stressed by the way the online shop was treating the order.
First he didn't get any confirmation.
After a week he mailed them.
Oh yes, they did get his order, but they hadn't looked into it yet. They were busy.

After yet another week he mailed them again, asking them if he still would get the game for the discount he bought it with.
Oh yes, they loved customer's service.

After exactly another week, and not a second later, he mailed them again.
Oh yes, the order was still on, but they had to get some items from the international supplier.

One week more and he started to nibble at my brains with his constant complaints about that shop. As they also have a franchise here in the city I told him I would go there and ask his money back.
So he mailed them and asked his money back.
They told him he wouldn't get bare cash, but discount coupons worth that money.
My son was angry and told them he would inform the authorities because they took his online money and didn't refund it, but made him buy new items to get his money back. In his eyes it was fraud and he told them so.
Ther replied they would rethink it but that his order was still on.

A few days later he mailed them again.
Oh, sorry, the game was not available anymore.
He got angry because others who ordered later got the game already, and he mailed them so.
They were oh so sorry and would consider a complete refund.

But nothing arrived, no mail no refund.
So another mail was sent, in which my son stated that even though he's autistic he wants to be treated properly and with respect and that when matters wouldn't be resolved within a week he would inform one of those consumer's TV programs.

Then he got a mail stating that if he would wait please...they had ordered his game and they would receive it this week from their international supplier.

One way or another he had the feeling to look at their shipping page.
His game was already at the sorting centre...
That was yesterday.

This morning it arrived.


Half an hour later he'd won that very same game somewhere online.

Isn't that an unexpected plot to the story?


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