Friday, April 8, 2011

Conference calls

Sometimes it's impossible to get all members of an organising committee together.
I've been running organsiations for many years now, and my experience is that people are available when it's not necessary and people have loads of other appointments when they really need to be present at a meeting.

In the past that caused sometimes considerable problems as knowledge would be not at the place where it should be.

With the introduction of the first conference call things changed.
It became very easy to plan a meeting at lunch- or dinnertime, and meetings were more efficient as people didn't talk between each other.

Running a non-profit organisation became less of a burden as there was no need to dress myself up after dinner and doing the dishes and bicycle thorugh town to a meeting place.
I could stay at home take a cup of coffee, and either record the meeting and have someone else make a transcript or use the computer and send the transcript within minutes after the meeting, saving me even more time.

I can recommend confrence calls not only for meetings of organisations, but for some family meetings as well. It's a great way to enable all family members to have their say about, for instance, a birthday party.


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