Friday, April 8, 2011

Both home again

Both girls are at home again.
They've had a good time, were full of stories and were very, very tired.

One arrived yesterday evening when it was already dark.
And one arrived today, more than an hour later than expected.

It was nice to see them both very happy to see us, but it was really touching to see them greet each other. Twins are special and we could see that!

When we drove home it was fun to hear the comments, both yesterday and today.
Oh, what a clean air!
Oh, how flat our country is!
I would love to eat something normal.

At home the boys were waiting each day, and seeing each other again was a festive event.

And then the stories started.
Each samll paper out of the suitcase was part of a huge story.

And it was fun to hear them.


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