Friday, April 1, 2011

Autism Awereness Month 2011


It's autism awareness month again.

To my surprise there's not a lot of public interest in it this year. The media put the subject aside, and even though I understand the situation in Japan should get a lot of attention, I think we shouldn't forget the 5 to 10% of our population that deals with autism.

As an autism advocate and ambassador I spend a lot of time talking to parents of autistic children and giving them advice if possible.

What has become clear during the past years is that knowledge is slowly spreading, and that fasle knowledge is spreading faster.
I'm worried about the fact that people who work in the area of care and support think they know it all after a course of two weeks or even two days.

During the years I've become humble about my own knowledge as a psychologist, because autism presents itself in so many forms and severity, and parents deal with it in so very many different ways.

But one things still stands firm: parents know their children best and they respect a place as expert between all those who call themselves professionals.


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