Friday, April 1, 2011

April's fool?

It's april the first and time for joking.

I think I've got the one of our local paper. In an article people are warned they can't pay electronically today as the system is down all over the country.

I haven't seen a message of the national newsservice today. But maybe it's the article in which we're told we can't do as much with our income as last year. I sure hope it's an april 1 joke, as we have to struggle enough at the moment.

The Guardian announced they were calling back all reporters from abroad to enable them to write all the news about the new royal couple. They went even as far as to scetch a possitive image of the future king, which in the light of their antipathies towards him should be part of the joke too.

The northern part of our country uses a different language than dutch and today it was announced they would broadcast in dutch from today. They even used dutch for a complete hour, so some people went completely nuts, a friend from that area of The Netherlands told me.
I can't understand they didn't see through that joke as everyone knows they fought a hard battle to keep their language the main language there.

Our main beer firm, also known from the high quality export beer announced the introduction of a beerpad. The system would be the same as that used for coffeepads, but the result would be cold bear with the proper layer of foam.
I'm sure quite some people would love to have bought beerpads. LOL!

One of the local gardenshops announced a snakeshow with gardenhoses.
Many people came to see the snakes and were welcomed at a gardenhoze show with hoses presented as snakes.

With the girls abroad it´s no fun to have an april 1 joke here. Autists take jokes like those literally and it would take me ages to explain my joke.

Maybe I´d better let the teachers from school who are with my daughter know I´ll visit for the weekend. Haha. They won´t be trilled by that. LOL!


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