Monday, April 4, 2011

2 missing girls are found

The two girls who didn't turn up when they had to leave from a two day trip to Paris have reported themselves to the French police.

The news just came in, so I have no further details.

All I know is that the parents will go to Paris to fetch them.

I wonder what they have done this weekend, and where they stayed.
They sure had not enough money to go back home themselves.

People were worried sick and I can only imagine what the parents and all others who knew them went through.

Kids at the age of 16, 17 sometimes make stupid decisions. Sometimes they're driven by something so much that they forget everything else.
I'm sure they have learned from this and otherwise they will.

Grown ups sometimes forget that kids are kids and are allowed to make mistakes.
It's part of growing up and getting life experience.
Sometimes however grown ups won't understand that and come to farreaching conclusions.

We're living in a country where mistakes are not easily forgiven and where childcare sometimes draws ridiculous conclusions with far reaching consequences, like outplacement.

I hope that in this case they won't hold the parents responsible for the stupidity of these girls.
They almost ripped out their parents' hearts, so no need for childcare to try to break up yet another family.


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