Sunday, March 13, 2011

The world ceased to exist in Japan

The world ceased to exist in a large part of Japan.
Everybody has seen and heard what has happened and what is happening.

Each hour new videos of the earthquake and tsunami are posted and they are all telling about the tremendous tragedy that has taken place.

In a way the rest of the news and the things happening in our lives are only of minor importance.
Most Japanese people who were in the earthquake and tsunami have nothing left. Whole cities are swept away. And even now the earthquakes haven't stopped. They go on and on and on, and rumours state that scientists expect a larger earthquake than the socalled aftershocks, which even reached over 7 on the scale of Richter.

The earthaxis was moved 10 cm, and Japan itself has changed place too.

Nuclear installations are without any safetyequipment, as the backup generators have been demolished too. Maybe a nuclear meltdown will follow, maybe even several of them.

And if that's not enough people face shortage of water and food, they have no shelter and ofcourse no electricity.

Soon illnesses will break out and kill more people.

People will die without knowing what happened to their family, friends and neighbours.

Thinking about this all I feel terribly sad.
And I can't understand some reporters who kept saying that Japanese people are used to earthquakes.
Yes, they're used to earthquakes. The simple ones that makes you wonder if you're faint in your head or if the ground is moving.
Not these enormous events that take away their loved ones in just a few seconds.


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