Friday, March 11, 2011

When you move sort out your insurances

A friend planned to move with her family to North Carolina last month.
It has been her dream to go back to the country of her grandparents and she was very happy to realise her dream.

We were sad to see her and her family leave. Their children are so adorable, and she is such a lovely lady. But witnessing someone realising a dream is very inspiring, as we've found out.
It gave our dreams a new push forward.

Dealing with a move to another country is quite something and I've learned a lot.
Not only did they need a new house, the job was already arranged, they also needed new schools, a new car, new passports and other paperwork and new insurances.

I was quite happy to be of help, because I'd heard a lot of good experiences with
NC Blue Cross Blue Shield.
So she got in contact with them and was able to personalize a good insurance plan for all members at reasonable cost, including dental insurance.
With young children it's a real must.

I remember we discussed it with a group of friends when my children were still about 3 years of age. We had a proper dental insurance for all the children from day 1.
One of the women said to me I was nuts to throw away money as kids only need proper dental insurance when they need braces.
A few days later her son fell with his bicycle and broke one of his frontal teeth.
As she had no proper insurance it has cost her a fortune to make him painfree and look well.

So my friend in North Carolina took well care of it all and by now she can rest on her new sofa and enjoy her new home.
Wish I could pop over for a coffee.


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