Monday, March 28, 2011

A weight thing

So the girls packed their suitcases and bags, with the strict orders to look at each item 10 times and ask themselves 10 times if they really need it, otherwise they should leave it at home.

Maybe it's stupid, but I've always travelled and stayed somewhere with an absolute minimum and I never really missed something. I was never living in dirty clothes.

Everything you take on vacation you have to carry yourself at times, so...

When I finally had the chance to weight the suitcases I was in for a big surprise.
Even though one was slightly larger, even though they packed their suitcases independently.... they had exactly the same weight: 7.1 kg!!!

We were all surprised.
Are they twins or not?

ofcourse the boy there caused an issue again.
But I'll write about that another time.
I referred the problems to the school as they wanted to be responsible for the trip.

Ofcourse friends are on standby near where she stays.
Won't take any risks.


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