Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Turkey exchange 9 years ago...

This afternoon we needed some bread from the shops.
Ofcourse I could have sent one of the kids, but I had a strange feeling that I had to go myself.
One of the girls wanted to go with me.

We always enjoy trying out cheese at the cheese department of one of the shiops, but they had nothing special on the plate today.
So we bought bread and some other groceries and decided to go to the jewelry shop.

We saw a few nice things, left and had the sudden urge to go to the shop where they sell so many bags and cases that one could buy one each day and have something new for at least a year.

I'm always amazed that the women who work there know exactly what all the travelorganisations allow and not allow.
So we said that my daughter would go to Turkey and immediately she presented a nice bag.

We started to talk, told our daughter would go there on exchange and she told us that her daughter had been in an exchange with a turkish school too. And it had been a disaster.
She told us about the experiences with the exchange partner of her daughter and it was like she was telling our story.
Our conclusion was that over 9 years the school has learned nothing at all.

When we went home we had a strange feeling of relief.

This was a complete acknowledgement of our experiences.

Problem is that my daughter doesn't have a place to stay in Istanbul.
The family of the exchange partner is no option at all, and the exchange partner is "ex".

We don't know what the school has been able to arrange.
First I saw going to Istanbul with my oldest and to have our girl stay with us in an hotel as an option, but we can't afford it at the moment.

Maybe we should organise an alternative event. Maybe we should go to England.
The aim is to show culture and family life.


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