Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This school is absolute crap.

The way the school deals with the problem of the exchange is ridiculous.

The partner of my daughter ignored her completely, even in her own home.
We were clearly, in his eyes, not of his standing.

Even the other pupils and teachers were disturbed by his behaviour and when I rang the school to report another problem (he wanted to roam Amsterdam all by himself), the female teacher immediately said that no way they would allow my daughter to stay at his home.
That was a relief!

Well, she lied.

In a meeting last friday she said she hadn't said such a thing.
Well, we all heard her say it on the phone, because I had it on loudspeaker. Thank you.
So that teacher tumbled from her pedestal without one second. You should have seen the way my daughter looked.

We discussed the matter of the behaviour of the boy.
They said it happenes more often that exchange partners don't like each other and bla bla bla.
To me there's a difference between not liking and behaving unrespectful. (Which is rather a nice word for his behaviour. He treated my daughter like she didn't exist.)

We said that it would be a good idea for my daughter to stay in a hotel. My oldest son or I would be willing to go to Istanbul to realise that, so she wouldn't be there alone at night.

No way! We were told.
Either she stayed at home or at his place.

She decided to take his behaviour and stay at his parent's house. Only because one of the classmates was staying at the neighbour, so she could always go there.

I said that I would give her the phone numbers of the consulate and a few people who could speak our language and turkish.
Me oh my! It was like I shot the lamp with a gun!
No way was she allowed to have other adresses, she was supposed to contact her teachers in case of problems.
If we didn't trust the teachers she was not going!

Well, the teachers said they were only responsible for the pupils during school hours. Which I consider ridiculous when school takes them to another country. You can't be not responsible half of the time.
I knew I had a point there, so we had almost a good laugh about what happened then.
They turned and turned, and finally the schoolleader had to admit school is responsible all the time.
That's what I wanted to hear.


Because the turkish kids are supposed to buy the meals for our kids.
So I want to be clear about who my daughter can turn to in case she won't get any food. (Like she's not able to buy it herself. But she's not allowed to go out by herself.)

Because I insisted school asked the turkish contactperson about the family situation.
The mother is always at home and she will see to it that my daughter will be treated well in her house.

In her house.
Did you hear that?
In her house.

So my daughter takes the phone numbers of the consulate and some bilangual people with her without the teachers knowing. She'll also buy a simcard so she can call in Istanbul.
And when someone comes up with a good place to stay so she can get the family experience she needs to have according to the exchange program, she won't sleep at that boy's home.

It's that she really wants to go and the school now knows we're taking their responsibility very high, and it's that we trust her to signal any prolems, otherwise she won't go.

What hit me most after this meeting was that none of the people there cared one simple bit about her feelings.
This school is absolute crap.

When they're back I'll sure inform the european union, who subsidises this program, about what happened.


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