Friday, March 18, 2011

Social Security

The past months we, the autism ambassadors, are confronted with many questions about social security in the USA and some other countries.

Because only a few people who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance will see their application granted it's very important to know when to apply and when not.

One of the main problems people with special needs and disabilities are confronted with are different descriptions for the same conditions.

So each application has to be carefully made after a lot of intensive reading. As most of those who apply can't concentrate as long as is requested they need someone else to do the applications for them.

Take for example the Social Security Administration.
They only focus on the inability to work.
They assess people for the social security disability insurance, which provides income to those who are not able to work due to a disability.

There are three questions of main importance:
  • Is your ability to do the work you previously did impaired?
  • Can you adjust to other work or does your disability prevent that?
  • Does your disability last a year or longer or result in death?

The last years the number of people with a mental disability that qualify for the SSDI has increased.
Maybe because more people use other people who work at a professional organisation to fill in their forms?

When you apply, first inform yourself well and don't expect immediate result.
The waitingtime for the final decision is long and some people need to apply a few times before their condition is finally acknowledged.


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