Saturday, March 19, 2011


Now the sunshine starts to increase in strength the warnings for skincancer will be in the media soon.

The last years the number of skincancers is increasing in The Netherlands.
Each year about 40.000 people are confronted with this kind of cancer.
At the moment it's the most common cancer in our country.
90% of the skincancers are caused by UV radiation, so sunlight.
When there are family members with melanoma in their history the risk is increased.

The most common places for skincancer are the face, ears, lips, neck and the back of the hands. So the places that are most exposed to the sun.
The first signs are small wounds that won't heal or a kind of warts that itch, bleed easily or change in colour and/or size.
When you're in doubt, show the spot to your family doctor. Better one time too many than one forgotten.

The treatment of skincancer ios often successful.
The earlier treatment starts the better.


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