Friday, March 11, 2011

Severe earthquake has hit Japan

A severe earthquake has hit Japan.
It was 8.9 on the scale of Richter, which is very severe.

In fact it could be noticed here by the seismic stations and it threw the pen completely from the seismogram here, which seldom happens.

A friend who is there at the moment for her work reported that she was with a group of people working in Tokyo when the earth started to shake.
At first people just went on working, saying that another earthquake was troubling their writing. People there are used to earthwuakes and the buildings are built in a special way so they are able to deal with earthquakes well.
But the earthquake lasted longer than people considered OK and it was also so severe that they got worried. They stopped working and sat under their desks.
When it was over they all started to talk and then the boss came and told them he heard on the news the earthquake had been one of the worst ever, so he allowed them to stop working and try to contact family members. Some did and some still worked.
Then the news came that the earthquake started about a 125 kilometers out of the coast of Sendai, where the family lives of one of my friend's coworkers.
They couldn't get in contact and worry and panick about the safety of those people started.
Then a firm aftershock started and it was decided it was better to stop working completely and give all effort to reach the family members in Sendai.
Phone numbers were handed out and all workers were trying to reach one these people. Which finally happened and it turned out that they were all safe.

Soon after the tsunami hit the region. But they were called by one of the family members that they were still fine.


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