Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pre travel events

Before the girls went on their trip we had another event with the partner of one of them.
He ignored her almost completely when he was here, even in her own home.
First we thought it was due to lack of language abilities, but he did well in langiage class at school, so...

He didn't say goodbye, and he threw her off the social medium which is used by the groups of both schools as soon as he could.

She wasn't even able to ask if she needed to bring towels.

Then she realised that they'd made a group and so she could communicate there with him.
Right after she said something he said: I'm killing you and later even I'm killing you bitch.
The only other girls online asked if he was talking to her, and he said no.
Well, there was only one female internetter online there.

So I reported it to the schools.

He also said a few other things very insulting things, assuming we didn't understand it.

When other people started questioning his behaviour he said he was saying it to his friend.
Yea, a turkish young man calls his friend a bitch.
No way.

Well, school here took it serious...the other school not really.

We were not happy at all.


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