Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phone cases

One of the kids which are on exchange wrote that the window of his cellphone broke during the trip.
Turned out that he didn't take the advice of his parents to use a motorola case.
Isn't it a pity?

Maybe he wanted to buy a cheap imitation that is not even 1% as good as the original one. Maybe he just was in the mood not to listen to his parents. Who knows?
Fact is that his phone is broken and he can't call his parents and can't take photos.
These cases often come with a discount and free shipping, so they're really made for convenience.

I realised that I wanred my kids for burglaries and such, I even told them what to do in case of an earthquake (as one is in an earthquake prone area) but I didn't warn them to be careful with their phones.
Why not?

Because they use their brains and are careful with expensive stuff. As simple as that.


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