Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Party and some quiet

The weather at night was terrible. Oh, so cold.

We were on the road with the car early to bring kids to school and get groceries.
It was nice to have some relaxed time, but at the back of our mind there was still the expectancy of the letter of the court. When will it come? What will it say?

I managed to be home in time to do some chores before the kids walked in again.
Being a mom of a large family makes me very efficient. so I used the small amount of time well.

In the evening the girl (with the boy partner) had to go to a party.
It was good she decided to have fun no matter what the boy would do.
He was glued to another girl.
She had a good time anyway.

At home we decided to give the other girls some quiet time.
The guest faces a trip of about 13 hours on thursday, and with a full schedule tomorrow and a party that evening, she won't get much rest.

I hope she likes it here.


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