Monday, March 21, 2011

Painting... the wall, the floor, my hairs

I'm getting too old for this: painting the livingroom.

It should be done between certain hours, because we need the space.
It should be done well, because it's white over blue.
And it should be done by me.

Well, next time I reconsider.
Maybe I paint wooden panels and place them upright against the wall. That's easier.

My hips is not doing me a favour by hurting so much. At the other side my knee is bugging me.
But the room needs to be p[ainted this week. As simple as that.

I can't climb the small stairs, certainly not with paint in my hand.
I've done the bit near the ceiling, so it looks well. And that's it. Otherwise I can't walk the rest of the week.

So I jump to reach the topbit of the wall. It works out rather well with the small roller.

Someone bought me a large one, so I would be ready faster. Haha!
The thing caused the area near the wall to look like I wanted white circles all over.
So it took far more time than intended. Mainly because I don't cover things.
I'm just to working without any spitterspatter.

So the large one is back to the kitchen and will find it's way elsewhere. No regrets from me. It will be handy in an empty house, though. It's fast. That's true.

So I took the bag with my painting things in it, too the small roller and started to jump again.

There are small spots of white in my hair. Well, it needed to be painted anyway. LOL!

I've done about half a wall.

Doesn't look bad though.

I sure haven't lost my touch.


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