Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Count Down - 21- again

I saw I didn't even blog about the outcome of the new courtsession.
New judge, new mistakes.

Because the transcripts of our defense during the former session were a mess, this lady drew the wrong conclusions.
She didn't grasp the fact that we were blackmailed to say certain things.

And childprotection came with arguments like: they've complained against us and the complaints were considered not based on anything.
No, ofcourse that was the conclusion. They work with the system that their boss looks into the matter, not any independent person!!

They also came with the arguments that there was nothing in the reports about our parentingstyle. That was my objection to the early request to the court too.

Well, the judge didn't stop the guardianship.

Today we had our first talk about the case.

The girls have to be subjected to psychological tests.
Well, I expected this and already told the kids to prepare for that.
But as I see no indication at all I told the guardianship to come up with an indication.

He didn't like the fact that we wanted to tape the sessions.
Our reason is that he's interpreting everything what we say in the wrong way.
Well, if we want to tape the meetings he will step off the case and refer us to another team, which means starting all over again. Meaning we'll get another year of guardianship anyway.
Blackmail, I call that blackmail too. And it makes me soooo mad!!
He even refused to tape the sessions with the girls, so maybe it's time a children's rights lawyer will step in. It makes me feel alone that I've stood up so many times for situations like these for other people and always found someone to stand up for them, had even the most famous lawyers work for free, and that I stand empty handed here and none does the same for us.

All I got out of the meeting was that he said he could provide us with a psychologist to test the girls and I said that it should be an independent psychologist from outside, a member of the psychologists' organisation, so a registered one, to make clear to the court the tests were done well.

The rest of the meeting was as expected.
We told about the student exchange and that all the kids were tired, he heard that my kids were tired and concluded it must be because of past dirty experiences, that never have happened. It makes me so sick!!
These people have a twist in their minds and it makes me desperate that the same lies are used to make their case over and over again.
After they tried to end guardianship, it's done with a smile. But that doesn't make it less bad.

The guy presented the case to court like he stood completely behind us, but even though he says it all in a nice way, he's opposite us again.
Until now I can't trust him. I just can't. My intuition is very strong about this.
(And the girls feel the same, independent from me.)

If he trusted us, he wouldn't make such a fuzz about taping the sessions.
He says he should be more careful with his words when the tapes are made.
Well, shouldn't he be careful with his words anyway?

He tried to shock, and manipulate before and I feel he's planning this again.
We don't have anything to hide, as nothing illegal has happened.
But they can create a true monster from a fly. We've experienced that already.

Strange thing is he's all in favor of a book about this all.
Well, I guess they will legally prevent it from going to the bookshops anyway.
But the story should be told, is my feeling, because a lot of mistakes and injustice will be down in writing.
What's happening to us is happening to other families too.

They said they've involved the police.
Based on their phantasies, it is.

It all feels like torture and sometimes I feel like saying that yes they are right, just to stop this all and make it go away. It's all these people want to hear.

But ofcourse I can't do that.
They can blackmail me not to record the sessions, but they can't make me state something happened that didn't happen.
But that's what they want.
I can understand people have confessed crimes they didn't commit. I can. Oh yes I can.

Will this ever end?


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