Friday, March 18, 2011

The other site

No, I'm not going to write about the other side.
I'm going to talk about the other site.

Which is gone.
Due to godaddy who wouldn't accept my paypal money for what it is: legal money.

They wanted me to buy a creditcard or to have an expensive foreign savingsaccount.
Only then they would allow me to pay.
This is against the european laws which state that payments should be made free, without any conditions from either side.

Having a foreign savingsaccount means I have to pay taxes of about 40 to 50%.
As godaddy required an inlay of $100 dollars it would mean those 100 dollars would undergo two years of taxes and then I would have paid about 40 dollars to them and the rest would be gone to those taxes and other fees.

No thank you.

When I'd transferred the url the site was gone.
First I thought it was a technical mistake made by yours sincerely.
But an ICT'er controlled it all and it was not my mistake.

Now I'm waiting until the site appears again. It's hosted elsewehere, so maybe i have to begin again.

Well, so be it.


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