Thursday, March 31, 2011

Option one for moving out

This morning we had a talk with the people who are going to run a home for people like our son.
Nice people.

But I don't hink they'll take him, unless they find someone like him to be his friend there.

It's a good idea to enlarge the chance for people to have a friend there, but it also limits options for them. Which doesn't matter a lot, because they had about 6 times as many applications than places.

Why I think he won't go to live there?

They want people with a low IQ.
He has the same needs as those people because his social behaviour is about at the level of the others, but it will be far more difficult to get the grant which is needed to stay there.

He doesn't have something to keep him away from home 4 days a week and I wonder if we will be able to make him go somewhere for so many days. So...

They took the application serious though and we will hear more next thrusday, but I'm not expecting much.

Sometimes I feel that he'll will be here until I die.
I want him to move though, because he should be able to rely on other people too, and maybe they can teach him things he won't accept from me.
My other boys had that inborn drive to better themselves, to create a future and to make themselves and others happy.
He doesn't have that.

It's a great problem to find a place to live for people like him here. There's a lot for people who lack intelligence, bit almost nothing for people who are autistic.

So just before april autism month the problem of autism describes itself once again.


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