Friday, March 18, 2011

Older employees

In her first lecture a new professor at our university stated that employers are nuts not to use the experience and skills of people who are older than 40 years.

Now older people have to work longer, people of 40 still have at least another 20 years to go. In fact they have another 25 to 28 years to go. So why not invest in them?

Traditionally people at the age of 40 were way beyond the half of their working carreer. It's said that they became less motivated and less ambitious and that employers didn't need to invest in advancing their knowledge, because they wouldn't get enough return from their investments. Many of them would retire at 55 or even years earlier.

Things have changed a lot.
People who were called old in the past are not still young.

Time for employers to change their views....or are they too old?


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