Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nuclear danger

Yesterday someone asked me what we have learned from the nuclear problems in Japan.

I think it's too early to write a decent answer on that, but I dare to state that we have learned that there are far more experts on the subject than university education accounts for.

People who don't know anything at all about readioactive radiation and nuclear installations make statements that are taken serious by others that don't know anything about it. The consequence is that many people think they're in worthwhile discussions whereas they're not.

Real experts are stating that they can only hypothesize about the condition of the nuclear plants in Japan.

It's impossible to know what is happening inside those buildings.
All we know is that a helicopter flew over the area and tried to record everything, even the peek as far inside as possible.

The damage is tremendous.
Add that to the radiation measured outside, and one knows there's damage that puts lives at risk.

The fact that the Japanese government ordered the evacuation of so many people who lived around the plants says a lot.
It's an acknowledgement of danger, especially as the upper levels of safety for radiation were tripled a few days ago, enabling workers to be longer near the plant... putting their health and lives in danger, as we all will learn in the near future.

Life itself will show the enormous damage that has been created by the earthquakes, the tsunami and by the negligence of human beings.


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