Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Istanbul for my daughter?

I'm so terribly fed up with the school of my daughters, there are no words for it.
They pretend to care for their pupils, but I haven't seen anything of that yet.
We're in the third year now, and it's one disaster after another.

Taking them from school is not a real option as the programs to the final exam are different at other schools.

The student exchange should be the highlight of the schooltime there.
Oh, everyone was so very enthousiastic. All was so terrific and oh so wonderful.

Well, the partner of my daughter ignored her completely.
We had to complain before the exchange started because everybody had contact with the partner on facebook, but this guy didn't bother to write one word to her. I guess he didn't like her facebookimage.
After the school told him to react he did. Escaping from conversation as soon as possible.

He didn't want to communicate with our daughter at all. That was clear before and that was clear during his visit.
He was fixated on another girl.

Well, there's a lot more te tell about him. Including that he wanted to silence my daughter about the forbidden use of alcohol and cannabis on a party.

So it was clear he was not a good partner and the school decided he was not my daughter's partner anymore and she certainly wouldn't stay at his family's home.
Sounded good.

Before the springbreak we were told they would look for another family for her to stay.

When springbreak was over I had to ask them myself.
The answer was that they haven't found a partner for her, which I assume also means there's no place to stay.

It would be our decision if she was to go anyway, otherwise she has to be at school all the time, following some dumb program to keep them busy.

Even now it's not clear if she has a place to stay there.
It's like they don't want to be clear and if decisions should be made by us.

But we subscribed her for the exchange and she got her vaccinations and we our debt.

So I've asked the school to think about the financial consequences of me going to Istanbul to stay with my daughter in a hotel, so she can participate in the program.

What hurts me most is the way they just don't care about her feelings.
Not even a simple word that they regret they couldn't find a partner. Nothing at all.
The lack of a human reaction, and some support towards her is so typical for this school.

What to do?


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