Friday, March 11, 2011

Night shifts

A new thing in our family are night shifts.

One of the boys is training to become a security guard. He's in his last months of training and as he is beyond 18 years of age he's legally allowed to work night shifts. So he's rostered in for the nights too.

They're very inconvenient.
They begin at 23.00 hours, a time on which there are not many busses on the schedule, and they end at 7 hours in the morning, with the same problem.
Going on the bicycle in uniform is not an option. It's just a bit too far away.

Another problem is sleeping during the day.

He's sharing a room with our autiboy and he feels weird when he's awake and someone else is sleeping.

So we had to look for a solution and we found it. Ofcourse we found it.
As the girls are away he can sleep in the bunk bed at the top.

Unless you want to vacuum the room and you've forgotten that someone is sleeping there.
Me oh my, I got the fright of my life. :)


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