Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New meds

My autiboy got new meds.

Within two days his behaviour deteriorated.
Ofcourse we told him that he needed to take it anyway, because meds need some time to work properly.

But there was no improvement at all.
His behaviour even got worse.

I think he feels the changes of the medication and he won't accept them.
One of the reasons is that he's told the meds take off the sharp edges of high and low feelings and he doesn't want to be controled by pills. So he fights the new feelings.

They also make him more hungry, and as hunger has been his greatest problem alongside a tremendous weight, he can't accept that at all.

So today, after yet another outburst, we decided to stop these new meds.

Starting new meds with autistic young people like him is that they want to be in control of everything. They want to make decisions like everybody else, but in the back of their minds they know they're not making all the right decisions.
It takes for some of them quite a while before they accept proper help.

Ofcourse we, as parents, would, but support without young people accepting it doesn't work at all.

And he's angry.
Angry that other people want too much from him.
He knows what he can deal with, and other people won't accept that, including his new psychiatrist.

What a pity he lives in a time that all people have to work, whether they're able to do so or not. Society doesn't care for those with special needs anymore.


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