Friday, March 11, 2011

Nast cold

We all are hit by a very nasty cold.

I think we caught it when we waved our exchange students goodbye.
Especially when the second one left, the weather seemed to be very beautiful.
The sun was shining with rather great force and we needed to wear sunglasses and felt warm outside the wind.

But the wind was nasty.

With lots of tired people waiting in the large hall of school for about an hour before they left, the germs had a free game there. The hall was rather warm and i don't think the ventilation system works very well there.

So nasty wind and germs did their work.

As we were quite tired from the far too busy schedule of the exchange the germs had free range to play their games.

First one started coughing, and another one sneezing, and even though everyone kept hygiene to a maximum, we all caught the cold. One after another.
Those who didn't get it at home collected it at work.
Many people in this area are ill, but not ill enough not to go to work.

I've stayed away from my friends and any public places, they girtls had a week free from school as did some of the boys, so that contained the problem to our house.

So now we have to live through it and I enjoy the fact that I have created another post.
Thanks for reading.


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