Friday, April 1, 2011

Nails and fashion

Gradually the attention of fashion in the magazines is shifting from propagating diets and dietpills, like adapexin-p, to nails and all sorts of ways to make them shine and decorate them.

About 40 years ago decorated nails were the main issue too.
I used to buy sets of small blue or purple flowers at one of the largest shops in town, and glue them on my nails and cover them with three layers of transparent nailpolish. One flower on each nail. That was it.

The ways nails are decorated nowadays is amazing.
First new artificial nails are glued on the natural nail, and sometimes these new ones are decorated already.
Otherwise the new nail is decorated with all sorts of interesting items. OK, the flowers are still available. But now women can use bling bling in all colours and sizes and the artificial nail can even be perforated and a ribbon can be woven through the holes.
Add to it all sorts of nailcolours and the resulting nails are pure art.

I love it!


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