Saturday, March 19, 2011

My dream: a gardenhouse

Those who know me know I have a couple of dreams I strive to realise.

One of them is having a gardenhouse all for myself.
Large enough to stand in, to have a table and a bed in it.

Last year I decided I would like rustic furniture, combined with warm colours for the curtains and pillows.
I love the natural look of log furniture and the feel of it. That it's resistant against insect damage and decay is also very important.

Some people wonder why I would love to have a gardenhouse.
Well, I want a place of my own, where no one enters without my consent.
A place where I can leave a book, leave an artobject I'm working on.
I used to make dolls and such, but after the children were born I've made only three of them, and a few masks. There was no place to leave them for a while, because we needed all the space. No pace to dry the heads and masks without draft or someone moving them.

I also would like to wake up closer to nature.
And to work on my books in a quiet environment.

My family needs me to be available but the kids are old enough to allow me some space.


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