Sunday, March 20, 2011


Some people work with the most modern equipment they can find. That goes for me when I'm making music...if possible. But not when I'm at the computer.
My keyboard is an inheritance of one of the boys. It works fine and it looks very clean after we took the keys off, cleaned it thoroughly, even used desinfectant, and put the keys back again.

The mouse I used was maybe antique. Lol! It sure was very old. No special features. Nothing.

It nearly died.

Last saturday I was shopping and found in a corner of one of the shops a little box with a mouse in it. Added to it 4 vinyl covers in 4 colours. The discount was huge. Maybe because it was the last one. Who cares?

So now I've got a nice new mouse with an aqua coloured washable cover.

It looks so new beside my antique soundboxes and that old black keyboard.
Maybe they've got them too with those lovely coloured covers.


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