Monday, March 14, 2011

Money talk

This morning I was talking with a friend about the recession and it's influences on our families.
Spending money has never been a problem, but having enough money to do so is.

She's got three children.

The youngest is a girl. She can get the clothes of my girls, which saves a lot of money. I know that from the time that my boys got a lot of clothes from a friend.

But clothes are not always the main problem. Schoolstuff is.
Mine suddenly needed a pile of notebooks "now", and hers needed a calculator for the final exams. So not one of those cheap ones.
Mine needed to have the exchange paid, and ofcourse they need money when the visit is returned. They'll leave in 2 weeks.
Her children need money for schoolcamps they're going to in the summerholiday.

So apart from daily expenses we're facing a lot of extra expenses the coming weeks and months and we're afraid we can't afford everything we need to pay.

My friend was considering applying for a cash advance. It's so easy to apply online and the money can be used very fast after the application has been reviewed and approved.
As her husband has a good job with a regular income it's an option to bridge the last week of the month.
When you're not sure you can pay back the money according to the rules, don't apply for such a loan.

By now I'm able to make ends meet, even though it means refraining to buy some wanted things.


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