Saturday, March 5, 2011


1. Do you take a lot of medication?

I'm used to it, so I don't think so.
Others do.
Asthma meds, diabetes meds, allergy meds, and meds against a metabolic disease.

2. Name one of your flaws and tell us about it.


When I'm gardening I don't watch the time and forget it completely.

3. Have you ever won first place? If yes, tell us about your victory!

Yep, with swimming. It´s very long ago. I was 16. Regional championships.
I remember the water around me and the enormous amount of noise when my ear came out of the water. It created a rhythm and I remember thinking that when I got stuck to that rhythm I would certainly loose. So I tried to be ahead of it...
In fact I was beating myself and my time. I won.

4. Who is the last person to make you smile? What was happening?

One of the girls.
We saw something funny on TV.

5. Describe a time when you should have tried harder.

Why live a life full of regrets. Move forward. Live more in the present and enjoy.
So I'm not looking back at the moment.

6. What are you best at?

I don't know if I´m the best at anything.
But right now the room needs to be painted and in the house I'm the best at it.

7. If someone was going to make a movie or TV show about your life, who would play you and why?

Maybe I should play myself. At least I would understand the person who plays me.

8. Name 3 things that you think are strange.

  1. That people want to hate others and accept their hatred as normal.
  2. That people qualify war as acceptable.
  3. That some poeple think they are more than others.

9. What is one lesson you have learned in the past 12 months?

That people at certain places at society tell you they're there to help you and all they want is to rub their ego until it shines. The consequence is injustice.
Speaking out about that works against you.

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