Friday, March 18, 2011

Medical carts

It's quite a while ago that I worked at the hospital.
Yesterday I paid a friend a visit after she had knee surgery.

As part of the hospital had been rebuilt I had to find my way.
There were enough signs, but it was sdtrange to keep looking for them as I used to know my way around the hospital in the dark.

It was interesting to see that most of the medical equipment and medical carts were changed a lot for the better.
I still remember a friend who was doctor pulling a card full of files with him and it nearly felt over. There was absolutely no stability and it was like a clown was visiting.

Now one finger is enough to move a stable filecart to the patient, and as there are more spaces to use the files go either in the place to be filed at the nurses station, to be worked at at the doctor's post or to other places.


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