Friday, March 18, 2011


Malaria is a disease that has killed so many people in the past that many people nowadays still believe that malaria is a killer.

It is.

But it can be prevented.

Malaria is transmitted by mosquitos, so you have to keep them away from you.
They're most active during twilight and night.

It's best to have a closed gauze before the windows and doors and kill all animals that found their way inside. Either by slapping them or using an insecticide.

It's best to use a mosquito net around your bed.
It should have no holes in it, should be small meshed, and you need to tuck it in well under the bottom sheet of your bed.
It should be impregnated with an insecticide. Most used are pyrethrum (a harmless substance manufactured on the basis of extract of chrysanthemum) and permethrin (the artificial version of the same).
The impregnation lasts about six months to one year. When you pack it in a pastic bag when it's not used it lasts longer, as long as you don't wash it.

Hanging the net each day is a time consuming event, so most people roll it up and strap it together so the insects can't get in it.

When you want to make a difference in a country where malaria kills a lot of people you should consider gifting impregnated mosquito nets. For a few dollars people can buy one.


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