Monday, March 14, 2011

Low income? No university or no life.

It's simple.
The new ideas of the government are a shame for our country.

They're changing studygrants into loans.

Those who want to study for a master won't get a grant anymore. They need to loan their money.
It means that those who are able to finish their studies start with a debt which will haunt them for 15 to 20 years.
Considering the fact that the European Union has changed the rules for renting a house in such a way that people with a reasonable income are not allowed to rent anymore for an affordable amount of money, young people with a job are forced to buy a house. So more loans... more debt.

Add to that that for quite some people who have finished their studies more costs are waiting: for specialising and for starting a practice.

So I wonder who nowadays wants to study anymore, as it will mean a life in debt.

When the plans of this minister of education are realised it means that the university will be the place for the elite again. Just like in the dark past.
I'm one of the people who are part of a dying species.
Maybe it'll be written on my tombstone: she studies in a time that all people had access to higher education.


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