Saturday, March 19, 2011

Libya and the end of repression

After the resolution of the United nations about Libya president Obama of the USA has posed an ultimatum.
All the troops of Gadhafi should be pulled back and the brutal repression of the people should end immediately otherwise Gadhafi will face the consequences of a unified international community, president Obama said.

He also required electricity, water and gas restored to all parts of the country.
And he wanted Gadhafi to open the country for international humanitarian assistance.

I don't know to what degree Obama thinks Gadhafi will do what he wants or that he imposed these requirements to guarantee military intervention in the area.
Fact is that quite some countries are preparing their military to go to Libya.

On friday gadhafi announced a cease fire, but reports from all over the country make clear that there are still military actions from Gadhafi. For instance the city of Misurata was attacked with bombs and 25 people died. Al-Jazeera reported explosions near Tripoli, without mentioning the cause.

Saturday the international community will meet in France to discuss the situation.
Friday the NATO had a meeting, but we don't have the results of that meeting here yet.

First a no-fly zone will be implemented. Preparations are well on their way.


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