Friday, March 11, 2011

Ice skating: gold and gold and....

For a country that doesn't have ice on the canals each year we're very good at ice skating.
This week our skaters had a lot of success.

Ireen Wüst won gold on the 3 km iceskating at the world championchips at Inzell in Germany.
We were delighted. Haha, and so was she.

And then, just a day later, she managed it again. This time at the 1500 meters. Wow!
Diane Valkenburg and Jorien Voorhuis, two other Dutch women, won the second and third place.

Then Ireen got a phonecall in which she was told by a male collegue to have a close look at her medall.
For the second time in her carreer she had gotten the wrong one.
The last time she got a male silver one, now she got the golden medal for the male winner.

How could that happen?


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