Friday, March 18, 2011

I pity the small child

I pity the small child that comes at our door often to ask the girls to come and play with her.

There are not many girls in the neighbourhood at the moment, so it isn't strange she tries to get in touch with my daughters.

There's a huge difference in age though.

The little girls sounds far too wise. She's growing up between older kids and grown ups and the conversation she hears is way beyond the level of her development.
The way she speaks is different from the kids her own age, so at school children view her as strange and treat her accordingly. She's not really part of the group of girls. She's only tolerated and she feels that.

The little girl in front of my door looks up at me like she wants me to do something.
I smile at her and just before I ask her a question she tells me she already had dinner.

"That's great! I'm still cooking, so the boys have to wait for their dinner another half hour or so. What did you eat?"

And so she tells about the pasta dish she had. With the vegetables her mom sliced and the cheese they bought at the local supermarket.

I'm just listening, and she grows because of it.


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