Friday, March 11, 2011

I phone cases

Don't you love all those gadgets?
Take the ones for phones and iphones.

We've just had beadmania and now they're in...cases.
Pink ones, silver ones, cut out ones, golden ones... you name it and it's available somewhere.

The girls each wanted a case for their phone.
Ofcourse I'm kind of old fashioned and told them it would be stupid to put the phone in a box as they can't hear it ring and they would need more time to get it.

Ofcourse that was a stupid remark.

The cases have a front with foil, so the phone is protected and they can dial and listen to their heart's content.

They showed me the cases online.
So now I know everything about the otterbox iphone 4, defender cases and things like that.

Do you too?


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