Friday, March 11, 2011

His trophy

We're not as sportive as a family that we have sports trophies at our home.

In the past, when I was young, I was able to win a few swimming contests, but the trophies ended at school.
Last year I had a look at the trophies display and they were still standing there in full glory. Shining too, like they were new and not, eh... 35 years old.

We do have a trophy at our home, though.
It was won a few weeks ago by one of the boys. At a computergame contest.
He won.

Oh, how proud he was!
The two years before he and his friends tried to win, but a group opf other boys won the trophy.
Last year however it turned out they cheated all those times and they were not allowed to subscribe to the contest this year.

And so fair games were played and my son won.
His shining trophy is standing on the table so everyone is able to see it and discuss it.
Soon it will move to another place. I hope to his room.
It belongs there.


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