Friday, March 11, 2011

Helicopter crew released

The Dutch helicopter crew has finally been released yesterday evening, our time.
They were imprisoned by the Libian government after they were caught on Libian territory more than a week ago.

The helicopter was based on the frigate HNLMS Tromp.
It was send to evacuate two people who were not able to leave the country during the protests against the Gaddafi regime.
One of them was a Swedish citizen, the other a Dutch one.

The rescue operation with not agreed with by the Libian government and should have been unnoticed. But the helicopter hit ground.

Local TV showed the helicopter and it's crew, and quite a lot of fighting equipment, part of it not beloging to the helicopter or it's crew. Which is ofcourse quite interesting.

The evacuees were set free immediately, the crew was imprisoned, but it's said the 3 people were treated well.

After lots of political and personal efforts the crew was released yesterday.


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