Friday, March 11, 2011

He lost his phone

Life is never boring here.

Today I tried to lean back on the couch and get rid of that nasty cold, but instead I found myself solving problems again.

One of the boys needed new lights for his bicycle.
The old ones gave up.
That was no problem. So I took a new package out of a drawer and gave them to him.
problem solved.

My autiboy presented his traditional problem: no socks. He couldn't find them, he had none, they were all still in the laundry after he dropped them in the bathroom weeks ago.
Yea.. haha!
So I gave him one pair of his socks. Washed too. :)

When it was late in the evening and the car was parked in front of the house and I thought that almost everyone was asleep, I got a mail: "Mom, my phone is still in the car and I need the phone first thing tomorrow morning."
So his father and I took our coats and searched the car.
Then we looked at the street, on the pavement and on the gardenpath.

And there was also no phone on the couch, on the floor or anywhere else.

When we finally looked at each other and started to talk the phone rang.
It was a nice son telling us he found his phone: in his pocket.

Don't you love kids like that?
He even wished us goodnight.


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