Monday, March 28, 2011

He kept on talking

We went to the carshop to get a small piece for the car radio.
It smelled there like someone had poured a pot of beeswax on the floor and rubbed it for a week.
Yes, the floor was shining.
In fact it was so well treated that I nearly slipped and fell. I was able to hold on to a doorpost which saved my life. Well, at least my limbs.

My eyes fell on a leaflet about car insurance, and I joked that they'd better sell life insurances, with slippery floors included.

They guy was well trained.
He made his apologies, offered me a chair and coffee, and then said he couldn't offer me a slippery floor insurance, but he had a 5th wheel insurance on offer which might be a bit more reasonable due to the fright I had.
He looked calm, self confident, with a smile like he just offered me a pot of gold.
I guess I looked like he'd given me a pot of gold too.

"What counts for a fifth wheel in our car?", I asked him. "Will a lego wheel count as a fifth?"
He looked with a question mark face at me. "Huh?"

I digged in my pocket and found the lego wheel I'd just found on the street.
"I asked if this counts as a fifth wheel, so you can sell the insurance to us."

"Noop", he said shortly and looked like he could pull the half full cup from my hand.
Slowly I sipped the last bit of coffee, tasting every drop.
Good coffee.


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