Friday, March 18, 2011

Golden coins

Today I saw on a program on TV people selling golden coins at an auction.
It was amazing for how much they were sold.

After switching off the TV I wondered if they'd been wise to sell those golden coins.

Right now it's wise to invest in gold, not to sell it.

Gold keept it's value even in times of recession and because of that you can keep the monetairy value of your family money.

It's easy to buy gold online. Just inform yourself very well and be sure you're buying at a trusted seller.
First read the rules well, because there can be some pitfalls which will cost you lots of money.
Especially cancellation can be a problem. Most sellers want you to pay a fine when you cancel, but they also want you to pay the difference between the confirmed price and the asked marketprice.

But when things go well you'll have some solid investment.


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