Friday, March 11, 2011

Glass tiles are a true inspiration

Because I'm making a doll's house for grown ups, I was looking for something that would create an authentic feel, fit the scale and would be affordable.
Some doll's house accessories and building items are so very expensive that they are completely out of reach.

For the kitchen we wanted to find glass tiles. The small square ones would be perfect to create a victorian feel to the house.

When I went online and found The Glass Tiles Outlet I found so many beautiful small and larger tiles that my creativity was boosted a lot.
Wouldn't it be great to redo our bathroom and make a huge mosaic on the shower wall?

On the site I even found round tiles, a great inspiration for other creative enterprises. The mirror in the hall is kind of boring and it would be awesome with those circled tiles around it.
Maybe I could paint the ceiling in another colour, so the reflection would create a lot of funny effects when the sun shines on the tiles.

Ok, I'll stop and leave the rest of the inspiration to you.


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