Thursday, March 31, 2011

A future

Tomorrow we're going to have a talk about a new place to stay for our autison.
He's ready to move out to a protected environment.
We've found a new home, with a very nice couple who want to support a group of people like our son.
They're having talks with the parents of candidates and tomorrow is our turn.
So keep your fingers crossed.

When he moves out a complete new life will start.

The girls are old enough to deal with a lot of daily things themselves.
They don't need a mom every minute of the day.
There are a few options I'm considering.
Writing is one of them and studying law at an
online university, or finishing my medical degree are a few of them.
I'm not sure what to do and there's plenty of time to decide.

That one can study now at an online university provides possibilities I've never had before. It doesn't matter where I live, or if I move during the studies. I can always keep working on my studies.

Maybe it's time to contact an old friend and start the practice we wanted to start when the kids were old enough. Then I'll take up the life of what they now call: mindfulness therapist. My experiences of the last 30 years will be of huge benefit.

Maybe I can also dedicate some time to former hobbies, like dollmaking.

But first let's see if my son fits in the group they want to create.


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