Friday, March 18, 2011


The forsythia in our front garden is flowering again.
It's such a beautiful sight.

The rest of the garden still looks dull, a bit messy and waiting for spring.
And then those bright yellow small flowers tell their own story of spring.
Seeing my forsythias makes me aware of how fast those wintery bare branches can come to bloom.
Just a few days ago I saw the light green appearing, filling me with expectancy.
And this morning there was yellow all over.

I had a forsythia in the back garden too, but a few years ago it didn't survive a bad winter.

Today we were shopping at a shopping centre where they also have a garden shop.
The guy was putting plants outside with such a care that it got my attention.
And then there they were: 5 forsythias with 3 large branches, carrying the promissing first green of forsythia spring.

The prize was nice: 1,50.

I had exactly 1.50 in my pocket so now one of those plants is waiting to be panted in the back garden.

Next year I'll have more early spring in my garden.


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