Monday, March 28, 2011

Feather light

The police in Amsterdam was called because people wanted to report a lot of noise.
When they arrived at the appartment building the door wasn't opened. Following the procedures they entered the building and right at that moment the person living there jumped or fell from the balcony.

He fell from level 9!

Ofcourse he was rushed to hospital, but he survived.

Because the police was involved a special team is investigating this story.

A friend, who was visiting discussed the matter and wondered what they had found there.
Maybe the guy was just reading lipozene reviews and maybe he even used it for a while and wanted to try out his feather light weight, he said.

People start speculating in cases like these, because no other information is given.
Maybe the media should not even report these cases, because it doesn't add anything to our lives.

Well, maybe that jumping from 9 high isn't clever, but one can survive.


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